Scout's Friend the Moon

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Have you ever noticed that the night sky changes all the time? As the planet rotates and encircles the sun, it looks like the stars change their position in the sky. Also, the moon waxes and wanes. Every month we see a full moon and each one has its own name. In February, we celebrate the arrival of the Snow Moon. All the names of the full moons have their roots in nature. Some other moon names are the Beaver moon, Flower moon, Strawberry moon and Wolf moon.

Perhaps you could go out on a night time nature walk to see the moon and stars. Take a minute to look up at the changing sky and notice what is there.

Is the sky clear or cloudy?
Can you see the stars twinkling in the sky?
How many can you count?

Scout and the Gumboot Kids explore the winter sky in the Case of the Storybook in the Sky.

We’re all stars in the ocean,
we’re all stars in the sky,
glowing, growing, sparkling bright.
Do you know how beautiful you are,
you’re one of a kind my star.
— Jessie Farrell

Gumboot Kids can listen to listen to Jessie Farrell's songs here .  


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When we are out on a nature walk, it is a perfect time to take a minute to notice what surrounds us. Can you imagine what the moon would see? 

Click HERE for a moon’s view printable to colour. Imagine and draw what the moon might see from the sky. Share a picture on Facebook or Instagram tagging @Gumbootkids and use #GumbootKids.


Scout's Mindful Moment...

The next time you’re under the stars lay down and look up at the sky. Look very closely. What do you see? Use your imagination. The universe is so vast it makes you feel like anything is possible. What story will you create?

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