Snowman Scavenger Hunt

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The change from Fall to Winter brings wonderful surprises to the world around us. The leaves are gone, snow may fall, and the wind brings a rosy glow to our cheeks. Going outside and building a snowman is a wonderful way to explore winter creativity in nature. 

Snowflakes falling,
children laughing,
I love winter,
because of the snow.

Snow is sticking,
so we’re snowman building,
I love winter,
because of the cold.
— Winterful Day by Jessie Farrell

Jessie Farrell's beautiful songs about nature are available here

I love Winter because of the snow..

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Scout loves to build a snowman and share the experience with his friends, the Gumboot Kids. He would love to build one with you too. What do you think we need? Let's head out into nature and see what we can find for decorations. Should we add eyes? A nose? Should we add arms? Let's take a minute to imagine what our snowman will look like. 


Here are some ideas of things to use to decorate your snowman just like Scout did. CLICK HERE to download Scout's snowman building printable. Share a picture on Facebook or Instagram tagging @Gumboot kids & use #GumbootKids .


Here is a fun game... help Scout build a snowman (perfect for ages 3-6 learning to count). You will need one dice and one small item for each player to use as a marker.  CLICK HERE to download this free printable game!

Scout's Mindful Moment...

Next time you’re outside notice what’s changed from the last time you were out.
Has the snow melted? Is the air colder? Or warmer? You’re sure to find many changes. Isn’t nature marvellous?

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