Scout's Mindful Moment


Are you inspired by the changing seasons? Winter brings many changes to the natural world. What are some of the changes that you notice? 

Take a moment and notice the changes happening outside. Let's pause and have a mindful moment together. 

Find a quiet space where you can see the world around you. Maybe outside in your backyard, at the park or in the woods close by. When you are ready, take three deep, slow breaths with your eyes open your eyes and focus on the world around you with all our senses. What do you notice has changed since the Fall? 

What do the trees look like?
What new sounds do you hear?
How does the winter air taste like?
What smells do you notice? 
How does the air feel on your skin?

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INSTA mind ful look-100.jpg
INSTA mindful taste-100.jpg

CLICK HERE for a colouring and drawing printable. Record what you observed and compare it to other seasons. You could also glue on some treasures from your walk. We would love to see what you create! Share a picture on Facebook or Instagram tagging @Gumboot kids and use #GumbootKids .


Scout's Mindful Moment...

Next time you are outside notice what has changed from the last time you were out. Has the snow melted? Is the air colder or warmer? You’re sure to find many changes — it’s only natural.
— Scout

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